• We ask is that you credit the Sonic Boom Youtube channel in the description of your video/livestream.
• Sonic Boom intro is free to use for independent creators and for UGC (User Generated Content).
• Sonic  Boom primarily supports Independent Creators, whether Vlogger, Gamer, Make-Up Artist or any other creative content. 
Channels primarily re-uploading our original video are likely to receive a copyright claim and/or de-monetisation in the near future.
                                                                SOME QUESTION REGARDING ABOVE           POLICY                 

Q. Can I monetise my video if I've used Sonic Boom intro(s)?

ANS. Yes - but make sure you follow the guidelines in the Sonic Boom usage policy.

Q. How should I credit the intro(s) properly?

ANS. Write "INTRO TAKEN FROM :" and after that just paste this link "" in the description box of our video. See Example-

Q. Will I get a copyright claim or strike if I use an Sonic Boom intro(s) in my YouTube video?

ANS. No - If you’re an Independent Creator, Gamer or Vlogger and follow our usage policy, the intros are free to use across YouTube and other media platform.

Q. I received a copyright claim when using Sonic Boom intro(s)?

ANS.If you believe you have received a claim and shouldn't have, this may be a fraudulent claim. Please let us know of these through email of Fraudulent Claims Form and we will investigate.

Q. Is it possible to play Sonic Boom intro(s) on my livestream?

ANS.If this is a livestream of yourself as an independent creator than you can use our intro(s).

Q. I am making a video/presentation as part of my education, can I use Sonic Boom without a license?

ANS.Yes, this would fall under our usage policy and as there is no commercial gain from this use.